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April 17, 2013


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Oh, the Blatent Whoring

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 17, 2013, 10:59 AM

So, you're going to a convention, it's a casual day for you, but you would rather dress up like a Kardashian and hang yourself rather than show up without expressing your love for a certain fandom. Well how about a snazzy new shirt? Could Zack Fair help?… or are you more gothic and need to show up everyone with Undertaker?…? Decisions, decisions. The geeks who aren't hating on you out of envy, will mercilessly hit on you after seeing you sport these fantastic togs! :la: (you can customize your own colours too!)

"But Koji" you say, "I have this elaborately lovely costume I'm wearing :[ ! A T-shirt over a green chocobo outfit would make me the laughing stock!".
Now now, dear heart. It will be ok. For perhaps you could carry all those freebies and flyers or hell, even your lunch in a fabulous Koji Tote bag? So MANY to choose from! . Did I mention you're a monster if you use plastic anymore?

 Still, life is expensive. I know, I often awake at 3am, and have a panic attack worrying if I'll end up at a cardboard box on teh corner of Yonge and Wellesley. Is it about finances? Perhaps, but it's also that I want to show my fandom proudly, but need an inexpensive way to do it! I don't have $20 to throw at some buffoon I follow on the interwebz! I don't even know if he's sane half the time. My mom thinks he's creepy.
 I understand. And that's why I have the answer; BUTTONS and Keychains. What an inexpensive way to enjoy life! I mean, put a button of Grell Sutcliff on your knapsack, or Genesis, and REALLY give that man with the lazy eye and drooling problem who checks you out on the subway something to stare at for a change!…

 But you better guard those keychains and buttons. They are precious, and someone might steal them >:[.

and did I mention that they're MAGIC? :iconwooooplz:

So your next problem is that you LOVE these products so much, that you want an inexpensive way to corrupt your friends and family to your fantasy world. Well don't you worry, child. Koji has made...*brace yourself* KAWAII STICKERS . You get a whole sheet of 20 stickers! Grell in a hearts! Sephy in a hearts! Spread the joy of your insanity everywhere you go! Stick them to your books, or letters- or your friends foreheads! :…
They also make great, inexpensive gifts :iconturkschoirplz:

"But Koji, I'm kind of a traditional person... what if I want something no one else has?"

 Gackt can't hear his fangirls..... by DogFreak108

I hear you.
So I will then direct you to the very fashionable dish towels with your beloved art on them :3.  And did I mention the pillows? You're guests will be fighting to slobber all over these, when the only slobber that belongs on them is YOURS and your friends are freeloaders if they think any differently >:[ :


I understand. If you would like a 16 x 22 poster of *any of my work, please send me a Note. I will send them to you myself, and JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU- Shipping to everyone in the US for posters is 50% for the next week :icongrellfangirlsplz:

 Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-KojiKuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff by K-KojiSebastian Michaelis by K-KojiHey Pewdie by K-KojiOpera Star by K-KojiGENESIS by K-KojiVincent Valentine by K-KojiGeneral Sephiroth by K-Koji

and Koji is a desperate whore, don't judge me. It's not easy  :iconcryforeverplz:

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is it possible to just commission a drawing? ^^;
my commission information was on my profile :XD:

Here: [link]

but I don't offer just line drawings if that's what you're looking for :/ ( my sketches are too messy lol )
oh oops, i'm sorry

no, line drawings i can do myself ^^; i wouldn't ask someone else to do something that was in my own capabilities.
you skills though are amazing ^^ and i would love to see one of my characters drawn in your style, to see what they'd look like in their fully glory that i just can't draw right
oh np :hug:

Thank you!
when will your commissions be open again?

and your welcome ^^
Hmm..I'm not so sure tbh ^^;. I have one left on this list. I also alternate them with doing stuff irl (that I dont post) and stuff for myself to keep me sane (mostly).
It's best to keep an eye out for my journal, I post when I have a few free slots in there :nod:

I'll probably open a few in a month
alrighty :) i'll be keeping an eye on you then. consider yourself watched
I love this journal entry even more each time I read it... :XD:
I'll definitely be getting the Genesis pillow cover! (maybe something with Lavi on it too...) :3 So awesome!!! X3
Oh, I didnt put Lavi on anything. Im not sure why- I didnt think people liked that one so much. But if you'd want anything with that, just let me know :hug:
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