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Submitted on
August 14, 2013


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Beware of Some Tutorials...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 6:24 AM

   This is just my opinion. I have to lead with that. Everyone is free to agree or disagree and disregard.

  I've had loads of people over the past few months ask me to create tutorials.

 I never have. I'm not sure when I will, and I'll tell you why. Deviantart is filled to the brim with the most *awful* tutorials. And now that "Tutorials" have a priority category ( meaning they get to the front page every single time regardless of how many hits they get), some users have been creating tutorial after tutorial just to abuse that loop hole.
 Thing is, I find a lot of these people who create the tutorials, have no business creating them in the first place o_o;. Some of them ( not all) aren't doing it to be helpful to the masses. Some of them are doing it to try to make one (to see if they can set it up, to see if they can make it interactive), or to see if they can use the exploit. Those people are not helping you.

 I think artists should be very careful and responsible when it comes to making these things. They attract the masses of very young, beginner artists, who follow them just because the user who made it is better than they are- and they are usually better because they are NOT 13 years old. Then these beginner artists get set on a path of terrible habits, trying to emulate someone who needs training themselves.
  I've seen tutorial in how to draw say, women- but the user creating it has no sense of anatomy or structure. And they get legions of people praising them for being so amazing to share o_O. Or how to paint hair, when the user creating it paints it like a pile of overly-exposed (hands taped to the dodge and burn function) spaghetti.
  Face tutorials when the facial features don't even line up with each other. Of course, sheet after sheet of eyes. Eyes eyes eyes. When the artist can't draw hands, or bodies. But they'll teach you how to paint eyes?
  A lot of these artist who create these things are way more popular than I am, I know ( so who am I to say anything?). On Deviantart, many time, popularity =/= skill. Sometimes people who are very skilled are popular, and that's awesome. But I must admit, I've seen uber popular deviants and I can't comprehend why :o . Then I look at their galleries and its full of nothing but terribly done tutorials and 500 faces of girls o_o.

 Again, if that's what makes them happy to draw, that's cool.  I just believe one should be pretty damn knowledgeable and skilled before they create a drawing/painting tutorial training others who are looking to be set on the right path. I won't make one until I feel I've reached a certain point of skill and ease of doing things- and I think users and learning artists should be very discriminating with the tutorials they choose to learn from here on DA ( there are a few excellent tutorials too! But there's a lot of bad ones).
  Otherwise, it's like haphazardly teaching someone to ride a bike but you put them in stiletto heels. and make the back wheel square. You're handicapping them from the start.
 Just because anyone can make a tutorial doesn't mean they should.

 Just because someone on DA is popular, does not mean they are skilled enough to train others.

 Yeahhhh just be careful.

 And I mean, of course draw what makes you happy. These are just my personal thoughts on it :/. That people should be careful and selective.


 I've had a hard time lately believing in myself art wise lately. I've never really been one of these people who have had a lot of confidence in what they do :o. I've always been a personality type where all I do is zero in on flaws and mistakes and proceed to beat myself up for them. This makes it difficult to produce art work as fast as I think i should, because I meticulously look over every teensy part of a painting. I've also been feeling really foggy and dizzy lately whenever I wake up. It lasts for hours in the morning and doesn't go away until early afternoon x_X.

 I think I should go to a doctor and get my blood tested. But I'm terrified of needles >_<.

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XeonartOmega Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I think another issue needs to be addressed as well pertaining to overly vague tutorials. I
once saw a tutorial that was supposed to teach you how to speed paint bushes but was incredibly
vague and did nothing to help. These types of tutorials are always incredibly frustrating and might
as well not exist.
Hunting-wolf Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
This is a thing I actually haven't given much thought, but I think you're right. Usually I just search through a lot of tutorials without thinking about the rest of the artist's gallery (not seeing how good they actually are), perhaps that's a thing to be done in the future. Thanks for it! Guess nature itself often is the best of references :b
I know it's late, but about your health, best of luck with it! I really hate needles myself, but just tell the nurse and make her talk all the time - it takes some of the stress/distracts you, call it what you want :b Good luck, I hope you'll be okay <3
K-Koji Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
 oh thanks very much :huggle:
Spudfuzz Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree wholeheartedly with this, even before then I always saw lots of really bad tutorials. The ones that got under my skin the most were the porn-esque artists trying to teach kids how to draw "women" but the anatomy was .. well not even there. All they taught you was how to draw ridiculously massive lemon shaped boobs (don't forget to include the strange jiggle physics!) and butts with 360o curves to rival a ball.

I created and want to create a few myself on certain niche topics no one really talks about or considers, and I know artists shy away from because there's no real guides on them, like skin colour was a huge one. At the same time I'm not the best artist at all out there but sometimes you get people that look up to as though you are just because what you can do might be better than their own skill, but they don't see or consider the fact that you make mistakes even within your own tutorials. I made one on anti-same face before and encyclopedia dramatica (rightfully) bashed it for looking same face anyway because the noses didn't have enough definition and some of the overall jaw shapes ended up the same. I know I rushed and halfassed it too at the end and it didn't even include the vital information I planned for it but I kept getting comments from younger artists like "omg thank you so helpful". It made me feel really guilty passing on bad advice so I deleted it. :crying:

I just go around and fave tutorials that are made by people who know what they're doing and explain things properly then pass the collection link along to people when they ask for help, because I still feel like I'm not really qualified to make tutorials on anything yet. :c

As for the needle thing, I don't know what to tell you other than I know your feel. Last time I went to get a blood test I nearly fainted and the nurse laughed and told me to lay down until I was ready to stand again. Just... hang in there man. Think of fluffy puppies and pies. :(
rainrivermusic Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
I actually agree with you. I am not the best artist and still have a lot to improve on but, I would rely on something as bias as a tutorial. I think they are based mostly on there opinion. I prefer trial and error myself, but each his own. If people with to follow the herd who am I to stop them.
yulile Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Since art is subjective i think the definition of a good or bad tutorial varies from person to person. If person A for example, likes Person B's art style, then regardless of what others think about Person's B's tutorial, I think person A will benefit from the tutorial. The only reason I say this is because ultimately, we not only look to tutorials to improve but also because, like person A, we aspire to draw more like person B. Just my opinion C:
blaxeira Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist
I totally agree that popularity and skills are different.... but unfortunately some folks tend to forget about that =(
Otherwise I'm really happy to see that other people share my point of vue with tutorials :dummy: It seems that some want to give advice just to be "the one who teach" and don't care if it misinform people. It's like totally killing the aim of tutorials : helping ._.
Some people already asked me to do some tutorial of colouring and I was like "WHAT ? Why me ? O_o I mean, there's plenty of awesome tutorials just next door" x') So, I really understand the thing with reaching a certain point
veuko Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with you, some tutorials here should get some polishing and focus on education instead fame
I've seen countless tutorials and how-to books that are absurdly praised, one of them are those pictures entitled "<object> tutorial" when it's really just a sketch to lineart to color to finals picture with absolutely no text to defy the how's why's and what's, it's like telling a newbie to copy the picture in steps in the exact way without learning the important how's why's and what's; like you're simply copying the style, shape, and techniques without knowing its anatomy, how can you possibly think imagery is a way to learn how to actually DRAW and not IMITATE? I've seen something like this on the front page not so long ago, at first I thought it was going to be a step to step pictures of hair
but no, the hair looks like an abnormally misshaped horse tail with thick, smooth outlines and most of all; the smooth outlines weren't the lineart, it was the base color without the thin streaks, it was untouched
another are those books with advanced pictures with very minimal and common description on the steps, I found a book at a bookstore where the pics were very realistic and a pencil was only used in making those pics and the sad thing is, I already knew the techniques and ways written but fail to even deliver just a semi-realistic picture it didn't have anything about anatomies
one last horrible tutorials are those books, most are the "how to draw anime eyes, nose, mouth" and the list goes on, when the contents are really just amateur quality pictures with below 50 rate of accurate anatomy out of 100, I've read a book my classmate once brought; I found an interesting page on how to draw side-view faces of 90 degrees, it didn't help me at all; the paragraph that I hate the most and can't get out of my head is "Draw an arch to make the eye" oh, are we drawing arches now? is this a topic about complex shapes? or is it a greater than symbol put into shapes? are you applying that the side view of an eye is an ARCH and ONLY an ARCH? after reading that sentence I closed the book and immediately return the book, and I felt pity over him wasting some money over a witty tutorial I'd be generous enough to teach him if he promises to never buy those how-to "anime" books
and finally, what kind of pillow do you sleep in at night? don't sleep on those that's so fluffy it covers the whole back of your head/ reaches your ears instead sleep on those that are flat but bearable

also, sorry if I went too much on this comment; I wrote one hella rant
K-Koji Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
 There's an artist on here that churns out tutorials day after day and they take him an hour. He throws them into that category, and it gets front page. he's doing it to get watchers. That's it.

 But his "tutorials" have no descriptions, words- it doesn't tell anyone what brushes he uses, opacity, the settings- not a word of explanation. He's doing it for himself.

 yet there he is, front page- everyday LOL.
plumbunnies Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student General Artist
There are tutorials here that even I know doesn't cut it and then they also get praised. Very awkward feeling right here.
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