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What Doesn't Kill You...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 12:28 PM

 So I've been unproductive as hell this summer. But I'm getting kind of scared a demi-god is after me

- My dog died.
-other weirdness by humans freaked me out ( won't elaborate on that it was stressful)
-New puppy. I love him, he's the best thing that came out of this summer, but from 3mos-6 mos they are holy terrors.
- Some of the only actually good friends/people I've met since moving here moved/are moving away.
-My computer had a meltdown and died. DIED. I lost everything that was not backed up. That means all of my brushes, all stocks, all fonts, everything. After spending money to get it fixed, I realize this brand is a shit box. It's almost not worth paying the money to fix it, so now, my monitor is literally coming apart on it ( tho got it running).
I have huge trust issues with doctors, and my doctor doesn't want me as a patient anymore. I'm very likeable and everything, but he says "You live too far away from me". That's it. It doesn't matter that I will freely travel to him. I don't get it, especially since he barely sees me.
- My wacom tablet died.
- Discovered my brother won't let my nephew visit me because my neighbourhood is too "gay". It is "Fag Central" in his words :( .  But it's ok for me to babysit them at my mother's for 5 days straight.

-I broke my tooth so badly, it will need 3 dental appointments to fix. The first one was yesterday.

I have a blood-curdling fear of the dentist. I mean, super high anxiety. If the dentist had cloven hooves and horns I could not be more afraid of him. So he says " I'll give you a PILL that will sedate you thoroughly!  Make sure you have someone help you walk out of the office! I'll let this take a hold of you for an hour while i go into the other room and see how many babies my followers have sacrificed to me :iconfabulousplz:

 It did not work at all. AT ALL. I said "Dood, what did you give me? Pez? A Tic tac?" . And then of course, it's my fault. My anxiety is such a beast, that it laughs in the face of chemicals.

And he charged me $127 for it. ONE pill that didn't work. I checked with my friend, these pills cost about 4 cents each to manufacturer. You can get a bottle of them prescribed for about $7.

Bastard. Dentist >:[

Im aware things could be worse. These are largely first world problems. But all together and I'm beginning to fear leaving my house D:

and it kind of squashes my inspiration x_x


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*taking a wee break

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ExoticCherryBlossom Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
HEY KOJI!! You're one of my favorite deviant artists! Holy S&*% you have my taste in style of art! SERIOUSLY. I have so many ideas on what to draw and you inspired me more to even draw them. I'm pretty busy on school but once i'm not i'll be doing art like you! :) (no! not copying, lol) Oh i was wondering, what age are you? I'm 15! I was wondering because does it take age or just practice to draw so perfectly? O.O because i'm 15, but want to draw like you :( Is it possible to advance even when i'm not older? Sorry for all the questions >u< BTW i'll message you privately if you want (anytime i talk to you) you're so amazing :)
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I love your art works! Keep it up! ;w;
K-Koji Featured By Owner 1 day ago
 Thank you :huggle:
BlackDeaWing14 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
welcome! c:
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OMG everything is so amazing!!! It's just so good, WOW, I love the way you do lighting surrounding the characters and the way you draw their hair (cause I've had heaps of trouble trying to do both) but ahh thank you so much for having such amazing artwork :squee: 
K-Koji Featured By Owner 1 day ago
 Thanks very much :iconletmehugyouplz:
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