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Portrait Commission Open (SOLD)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 31, 2017, 9:54 AM

 I put up a portrait commission on my Etsy Shop.

I rather like doing them. So thought I might try this. Please don't complain to me if it's expensive- you get a very high res file, and it takes 2-3 days. I just want a living wage :3

Fact is, I'm getting a lot of commercial work these days ( between that, which means I can't post work until it's officially published- and then my surgery- my gallery seems slow). So I haven't opened any non-commercial commissions in ages. If I want to pay my bills, I can't afford to do them. I have to stick to commercial work because it pays better.

 But since I enjoyed these so much, if you ever wanted it- if you're looking for a very special, personalized gift or something, there it is. Also, I usually give customers my Skype, and you get to absorb my stunning personality.

 Lucky you! Thumbs Up SPN by LazyEyeCrazyI

Here is the link:…

*This has been sold. If you are interested, keep watch of my Shop! I'll start taking more soon :nod:

Other than that, I had a crappy week. Had a panick attack because 7 weeks post-op my surgery area just started bleeding. It wasn't bad at all, but I live my life like I'm in constant survival mode. So the slightest thing makes me think I'm screwed lol.
But after sweating and googling horror stories for an hour- I phoned my surgeons office and they told me it's absolutely normal.

WHY on earth is there NO information on google for 6-7 weeks post-op? All you get is like, first 10 days post surgery, and then 6 months later. Nothing in between.

 Then I took my beloved dog, Yuki...- my son- for his regular haircut.

See, I eat oatmeal for dinner so my dog can live like a king. So I also pay for superior haircuts. But yesterday, they BUTCHERED HIM. Like seriously. They scalped my dog. I was so mad lol. He looks like a sloth now.

Look at what they did!

Photo #1 his regular haircut (looking fabulous)

Yukiperfectgroom by K-Koji

Photo #2 WTF did you shave his face down to the skin???

Yukibadcut by K-Koji

I hate complaining...but I phoned because I was in SHOCK. No apology, no concern.. just "yeah he moved". SO I leave a Google review, and suddenly the owner phoned me to apologize only *after* she saw the review.

I'm so over this. I have to say, though it has a lot of it's own unique problems.. I miss living in Japan because the customer service is exceptional. Meanwhile, in Canada, I feel like they only care if a customer makes a big stink. And I suck at doing that because I feel guilty for causing anyone distress.

But they jacked up his hair cut >:[

I sound like such a pill today :XD: . I think 7 weeks of a soft food/liquid diet are starting to get to me.. o__@


:Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian by K-KojiKuroshitsuji: Claude Faustus and Alois Trancy by K-KojiKuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-KojiKuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff by K-Koji


Commission Information:…

No Requests by SweetDukeCommissions - Closed by SweetDuke


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AishaNote10 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wish you good luck ^^
K-Koji Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
 Thanks! :hug:
rebelcity Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was about to unsub from you but then realized altho your polls are annoying your art is just beautful 
avastmaryy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017
hell yes if you do portrait commissions sign me up
UltimaMage578 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
So... what are your thoughts on Adam and Eve from NieR Automata?
K-Koji Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
 I don't even know what that it ;P
UltimaMage578 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
The equal to NieR and it's by Square Enix (well they published it) and it's really great and amazing. Like one of the top games of 2017 already.
YouloudeFanyou Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello K-Koji ! Could you do a FFXV fanart ? I'm sure it's gonna turn out good and fit with your style :D
Have a good day !
K-Koji Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Probably will be. Im playing it right no. Love it!
YouloudeFanyou Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay ! It's so cool ! I'm playing it too. Thanks a lot for the reply :)
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