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What Doesn't Kill You...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 12:28 PM

 So I've been unproductive as hell this summer. But I'm getting kind of scared a demi-god is after me

- My dog died.
-other weirdness by humans freaked me out ( won't elaborate on that it was stressful)
-New puppy. I love him, he's the best thing that came out of this summer, but from 3mos-6 mos they are holy terrors.
- Some of the only actually good friends/people I've met since moving here moved/are moving away.
-My computer had a meltdown and died. DIED. I lost everything that was not backed up. That means all of my brushes, all stocks, all fonts, everything. After spending money to get it fixed, I realize this brand is a shit box. It's almost not worth paying the money to fix it, so now, my monitor is literally coming apart on it ( tho got it running).
I have huge trust issues with doctors, and my doctor doesn't want me as a patient anymore. I'm very likeable and everything, but he says "You live too far away from me". That's it. It doesn't matter that I will freely travel to him. I don't get it, especially since he barely sees me.
- My wacom tablet died.
- Discovered my brother won't let my nephew visit me because my neighbourhood is too "gay". It is "Fag Central" in his words :( .  But it's ok for me to babysit them at my mother's for 5 days straight.

-I broke my tooth so badly, it will need 3 dental appointments to fix. The first one was yesterday.

I have a blood-curdling fear of the dentist. I mean, super high anxiety. If the dentist had cloven hooves and horns I could not be more afraid of him. So he says " I'll give you a PILL that will sedate you thoroughly!  Make sure you have someone help you walk out of the office! I'll let this take a hold of you for an hour while i go into the other room and see how many babies my followers have sacrificed to me :iconfabulousplz:

 It did not work at all. AT ALL. I said "Dood, what did you give me? Pez? A Tic tac?" . And then of course, it's my fault. My anxiety is such a beast, that it laughs in the face of chemicals.

And he charged me $127 for it. ONE pill that didn't work. I checked with my friend, these pills cost about 4 cents each to manufacturer. You can get a bottle of them prescribed for about $7.

Bastard. Dentist >:[

Im aware things could be worse. These are largely first world problems. But all together and I'm beginning to fear leaving my house D:

and it kind of squashes my inspiration x_x


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*taking a wee break

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